Hotel Service Management

At SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School you can study Hotel and Events Management at the Palace in Montreux. SHMS is known worldwide for offering some of the world's top courses in hotel and hospitality management.

The courses on SHMS combines theory and practice, which provides students with a deep understanding of the subject and a good foundation for their future career.

At SHMS our goal is to ensure a multicultural and international education. In a multicultural classroom and a global atmosphere students are inspired for their future international career.

In a world where technology is reshaping the design and organisation of work, SHMS – Swiss Hotel Management School is focused on providing its entire student and teacher body with high tech equipment, skills and knowledge while further rejuvenating dedicated learning content.

Swiss Diploma in Hotel Service Management

After two years of study, of which one year consists of paid internship, students receive a Swiss diploma in "Hotel Operations Management". This diploma shows that the student knows how to effectively lead the daily operation of a hotel and a restaurant, which is the foundation and the cornerstone that the students then builds his academic education and international career on.

Education start

We have ongoing education startups during the year. You will find the next start date here!

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