Master of Arts in Hospitality, Health and Wellbeing

The MA in Hospitality, Health and Wellbeing provides a modern curriculum to prepare future hospitality managers for this new and rewarding concept of wellbeing. The program is accredited by the University of Derby, UK.

From business decision making to the application of wellbeing in an organisation and hospitality context, students will graduate ready for a career focused on wellbeing.

This challenging hotel management degree and elaborated training programmes will satisfy the academic, professional and personal needs of candidates seeking top management jobs in the hospitality industry. This Master's degree in hotel management aims to assist students in achieving their entrepreneurship and leadership potential through business-plan projects, network and personal coaching.

Study at César Ritz Colleges

The programs offered at César Ritz Colleges is based on Mr. César Ritz philosophy. Mr. César Ritz is the founder of the Ritz hotel in Paris which is renowned as a pioneer of luxury hotels. With hard work, finesse and a sense of style, Mr. César Ritz achieved a unprecedented career in the hospitality industry. It is his tradition of luxury, quality and service that created standards for hotels and restaurants all over the world and lay the foundation of this Swiss hotel management school.

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